We’re BFFs! (Best Frenectomy Friends)

While searching for a better way to treat tongue thrust, Anna Gross, a speech-language pathologist, discovered Joy Moeller and the AOMT (Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy).

After a quick Google search and some research, Anna decided to take a course in OMT as a part of her continuing professional education. The course was life-changing; Anna realized that not only do a number of her patients have issues that can be addressed with OMT, but that she too was experiencing symptoms of disrupted sleep, shoulder and neck pain.

Upon her return to Kids Therapy Made Simple, a multi-disciplinary private practice owned by Dr. Lisa Lewis (a pediatric occupational therapist), she rushed to tell Lisa all of the benefits that OMT has to offer. Lisa immediately signed up for the next OMT course, and within weeks, both Anna and Lisa began their own treatment, and visited a local ENT where they had frenectomies, together.

Anna and Lisa continued treating each other, and Anna used the exercises on her pediatric patients. Results were fast and significant, and parents were often heard asking “how come nobody told me about this?” and “I need this therapy, too!”

Frustrated by the lack of local therapists and the astronomical cost of therapy, many of these parents felt overwhelmed, and walked away from treatment that could potentially have improved their lives…

A light bulb went off!  What if Lisa and Anna could provide the treatment online?  No more excuses about traffic, no more hassles about forgetting what each exercise was supposed to look like, and worries about the price of treatment.

OMBRE was developed to give people around the world affordable, easy access to this incredible treatment program.

It’s worked for both Anna and Lisa… now it’s your turn.

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