Therapists in Los Angeles charge OMT patients upwards of $5,000! At OMBRE, we have figured out a way to treat patients effectively for as low as $1,350.

OMBRE Membership

as low as $1,350

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10 Tele-Therapy Sessions

Schedule 10 tele-therapy sessions with one of our OMBRE therapists.

OMBRE Tool Kit

Proprietary OMBRE tool kit —it includes almost everything you need for your daily OMBRE exercises (sometimes you need a glass of water or some delicious food!)

watch prescribed lessons

Video Library Access

12-month access to our unique video library—which contains over 70 videos to help you through the OMBRE program.

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Pay 100% of the cost of OMBRE today.

1 time payment of $1350

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Option 2

One charge today and a second charge 60 days later. ($1,500 total)

2 equal payments of $750

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Option 3

Pay monthly for six months.($1,650 total)

6 monthly payments of $275

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